At STOR/GARD® you get more storage space for less money!




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Questions & Answers

Corporate / Commercial
Corporate / Commercial


STOR/GARD® Northboro is a brand new facility and is one of the largest self storage centers in New England. It has over 75,000 square feet of self storage space, 52,000 of which is climate controlled.

At STOR/GARD® Northboro... you get more storage space for less money!
Why? Because our buildings are designed with high, standing seam pitched roofs that give you higher ceilings for more inside storage space. Because of this, most of our units give you up to 30% to 40% more inside storage space than similar sized units at other storage facilities. This addtional ceiling height gives you a lot more storage space at no extra cost, so you can enjoy great savings.

At STOR/GARD® Northboro we have 15 different sized units. These units range in size from as small as 5'x5' to as large as 10'x30'. Climate control units are also available in almost every size.

At STOR/GARD® Northboro we have the following size units:
Size Size

5' x 5' 10' x 7'

5' x 7' 10' x 8'

5' x 8' 10' x 10'

5' x 10' 10' x 12'

5' x 15' 10' x 15'

5' x 18' 10' x 20'

10' x 22'

10' x 25'

10' x 30'
At STOR/GARD® Northboro, all of our people are committed to your total satisfaction, guaranteed!

• Cleanliness - At STOR/GARD® Northboro... you get a brand new, attractive, secure and safe, self storage facility that is spotlessly clean. Our grounds, driveways, hallways and individual units are kept meticulous and well maintained for you at all times.

• Security - At STOR/GARD® Northboro... security fencing, electronic gate access controls, daily patrols, unit lock checks and video surveillance, as well as live in on-site staff are provided to insure that you, and your property, are kept safe and secure at all times.

• Access - At STOR/GARD® Northboro you have access 365 days a year, including all holidays.

• Customer Satisfaction - At STOR/GARD® Northboro... our customer driven policy requires that our facilities must always be safe and clean, and that you, our customer, are happy at all times.

• Location - STOR/GARD® Northboro is conveniently located on Route 20, just 1/2 mile east of Route 9. Click here for directions.

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TELEPHONE (508) 393-4141

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